experimental music

Warning Sirens

collections in the void
Music can be a journey. Both for the listener as well as the musician. The pieces within were not composed or arranged or edited. They were felt. Through the use of loops and multiple instruments the music was created as a completely improvised stream of consciousness. It flows and ebbs and drifts along, hypnotizing and elusive. At times seeming to match up perfectly, yet hardly lasting for long before a certain prevalent dissonance sets in. Parallels can be drawn along any part of life the listener deems worthy. Let go of the expectation that you will ever know what thoughts and emotions truly went into these pieces of music. It's doubtful even the makers will ever fully know. Instead, focus on what you can take away. There is no message in this that you don't create yourself. It is not trying to tell you anything. It only wants to share the journey with you.